C# i have 3 question :


Hello everyone , i wonder two things i hope someone will know :

i wonder how to send text (happendLine) in the client console for retrieve it in the log file of fivem

and my second thing is (maybe it’s already know ) but i found that function attachTo() is never working with me so i had to use native for that.

And last things , is there a way to use invoker (for invoke method by name of a specifique class) between 2 basescript wihout generating a OnTick error ?

  1. I use lua but I think the same thing might work. Citizen.Trace(msg)

  2. I believe AttachEntityPhysical might be what you are looking for. http://www.dev-c.com/nativedb/

  3. you can use a event system with callbacks. So script 1 sends a call to a made event with data and that data can go to any script that has the event handler.


1)no lua function and C# are quiet different,

  1. i know about every attach function , i’m not looking for any in particular , i just inform that function isn’t working so im using native one for doing it , i just wonder if fivem know about this.

  2. i know how to communicate btw script using eventhandler , that’s not the point , i just wonder if it was a working way to use invoker wihout generation tick error ^^