Buying Phone Rights



Hello, i am trying to do so you have to buy a phone before you can use the mobile options in the game.
Now i pretty much just added a groupe called iPhone, witch has the permission. And i made a selector for the phone, so it looks like a shop.
But i would like some way to make ppl pay for it, or if its possible to add the permission to a normal item?
plz help :slight_smile:


Ask on the original topic.


Probably the easiest way is to either suggest this or create this yourself and asking for help in the topic of whatever resource you use for the mobile phone in the first place, as thereโ€™s no mobile phone in fivem by default.


Yeah, im using the base from dunkos vrp, but they just think my idea sounds interesting, so its nothing that they have tried themself.

( Still dont have a way to make the pay for the phone yet, but added a phone bill in the payment script, so that helps a little )