Buy/sell/tune cars server!


Hi guys,
I’m looking for a good server on which I can have my own garage, tune and buy / sell cars
Let me know if you have this kind of server :smiley:


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hi thebadbone23
are you talking about a economy server or a server that allows you to have a garage and buy / sell cars


We are in need of some civilians and I am going so give some background on all the pros on Civilian

Civs can pretty much do what they want and in our community we step it further and give civs more than what others do

Civilian can create their own jobs. So, as a dedicated civ you can own a 24/7 or be a bank teller, mechanic. Players who do create their own job bring more realism and we let the owner of the job make the rules and the final calls of what they want.

Civilians can also create gangs. If you decided that you wanted a biker gang and wanted to control an area, for example the Vinewood District you could. Leaders of their gangs can pick and choose who they want in their gang to bring more realistic roleplay.

If you want your own job or gang and have what it takes, California State Law Enforcement Roleplay is the way to go! See you in the game!

California State Law Enforcement Roleplay.
Discord: 1
Server IP:

Welcome to California State Law Enforcement Roleplay. Our community has been here for 3 months, Now has been newly improved to California Based will continue to build up. We are currently doing mass recruitment in all departments if you are interested in joining.

The departments we have are…

Civilian Operations
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Dispatch System

Many players will benefit and will not regret coming to our community. Some of the features that we have in our community are…

Menu-Based server
CAD/MDT System
Active/Friendly Staff Team
Advance Teamspeak Development
Custom Cars
Custom Uniforms
Players can join 2 departments

New Opportunities

At California State Law Enforcement Roleplay we offer opportunities for roleplays that are not usually considered by other communities allowing for Members to get a real life look at what Policing, Dispatching or FireFighting is in the real world. Also conduct regular trainings aimed at improvement of Membership as well as leadership abilities with Staff constantly making corrections towards faults to iron them into a professional group of Members. Members are also provided a great support network by the Non Commissioned Officers appointed above them and fellow Members who are enlisted and take eachother on a journey!

Here is all of our server information so you can get started on your roleplay experience here at,

California State Law Enforcement Roleplay.
Discord: 1
Server IP:


Thank you
I actually thought I have the right place, I was thinking the Server Bazaar is for people to advertise their own server and not for players to look servers up. I will keep this in mind next time :smiley:


Well I guess to buy and sell cars you need to have economy on right?
I want to have a proper garage on which I can repair cars and after that sell them