Brew-City Roleplay! [Applications OPEN] [ESX Coming Soon] [Professional] [CAD/MDT] [Livemap] [Custom Cars!] [Great People] [Multiple Departments]


Hello all!

Welcome to Brew-City Roleplay!

We are a GTA:V professional roleplaying community wishing to give the fivem community another great community to be a part of! We offer several departments, a custom CAD/MDT, professoinalism and great roleplaying experiences for everyone to enjoy!

We offer the following departments: Civilian Operations, Communications, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, and Highway Patrol. We are also in the process of opening up Fire and Rescue and the Police Department but we need trustworthy active members to fill in these roles and run these departments.

Our community mascot is Mr. BrewCityBass himself!

Apply here for a fun, professional community which was founded in November 2018:

Have any questions concerns or comments? Join our public relations discord in order to get in contact with our amazing administration and staff team!


The community is still growing!
Come and apply today at:
15+ can apply


Discord link expired


I fixed the link


We are up to 40 members! FTO’s are waiting to interview you!


Pretty fun server. Well organized and great content. In house modeler that works very fast. Need more people to help it grow.


We got some cool new vehicles to our fleet!


We also just opened up fire department!


Great Community
Best Community i have ever been in


Fire Department Page looking good! Come on in an join us @


I am looking for LSPD if you need high ranks for it who can run the department.


Darn I guess I can’t apply at 16 :frowning:


You can still apply! We are looking for LSPD people, but the department itself is being setup by BrewCityBass and won’t open for a bit. You still can come into one of our other departments and transfer!


Anyone over 15 can apply man


Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for the feedback Ben!


but age limit means a limit to something


I am sorry for the confusion I will edit my post.


Come drive this beauty! Apply for the sheriff’s department @


LSPD High Ranks Open? I am a very experienced Role player including DOJ and multiple other communities.