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Welcome To The BJRP Server Bazaar Invite.

Who Are We?

The BJRP is a Serious, Dedicated, and a Friendly FiveM Emergency Services Community. With Five Department’s
Like Highway Patrol, SA Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, Communication ( Operator ) , Civilian Operations.

What Makes us Unique?

We Have Custom Vehicle Models/Scripts/Peds/Trainer. A Custom CAD/MDT and we have succesful Leaders that can solve all problems. We Treat Ourselves like a Family. :slight_smile:

Requirements To Join >
None. :slight_smile: We Accept Everyone. But It is going to change in the future.
If we get a lot of people.

How Do I Join?
Just Join Our Discord/TeamSpeak and enjoy the great RolePlay!

Wanna be a Law Enforcement Officer?
Join Our TeamSpeak, to get approved :slight_smile: ( wait in the support room )

Looking for the great RolePlay? :smiley:

TeamSpeak :



Can’t Find Us? Come at 3-11 PM UTC :slight_smile:

- Director - Bravo H.
- Deputy Director - Andrew Mc.
- Assist. D. Director - Vacant.



MDT/CAD Is Not Ready Yet Be Patient.



Added Custom MDT/CAD


He came on and tried to poach and steal members from my community!


Ive tried to invite people, not steal. I gently Ask people, if they say no its alright. understood? dont do drama of this.


You PM’ed members of my clan xd. Just don’t do it. One thing you’ll learn from poaching, the members you do take aren’t loyal and aren’t dedicated, and if they leave us, they will leave you too :slight_smile:


Officer Mcwood Down.


Los Santos - Police Department Vehicles Transport -


A Civilian Preview