Bloomfield Roleplay | Anyone can be Police/Fire/EMT/Civilian | Custom Mods, 100+ Civilian Vehicles | Custom Police Vehicles | State Police | Active Development


What do we offer on our Server?
Our server offers a wide range of custom mods, vehicles and addons. are some of them:

100+ Custom Addon Civilian Vehicles
Custom Law Enforcement vehicles, Sheriff, Highway and Police.
Custom Map Addons, Check some of the pictures down below.
Custom chat commands, /emotes /911 /me /do /ad /twt /tow /dispatch /fire /ems
Custom Weapon Models, Almost all custom Law enforcement weapons, AK Rifle.

San Andreas State Police
Bloomfield Community Serving Officers
San Andreas Fire Department
Bloomfield Community Serving Firefighters
San Andreas Civilian Operations
Communications Department

State Police - From the Commissioner
Education and Training is important. We make sure our Cadets who have been approved for the Sheriffs Department gets as detailed training as possible for them to patrol as a Deputy and know how to operate on their own as soon as possible. We’re always searching for new Sheriffs who are willing to put time and effort into their job as as a Sheriffs Deputy.
In AOPs such as as Los Santos City the Sheriffs office also offer city marked vehicles for our Deputy’s.

Always developing, Active development with new stuff being added all the time.

Fight your cases, Traffic fines or press charges against another person. Department of Justice works actively to resolve cases with Justice.

Judges & Attorneys

For officers to progress further we also offer multiple sub-divisions to apply for.

SWAT - Special Weapons and Tactics
FBI Investigations Team
K-9 - Canine Unit
ASU - Air Support Unit
Motor Unit - Motorcyckle Police

Maybe your not interested in becoming apart of the Law Enforcement team? And would like to Role-play as a Civilian in our Community. Here’s a few things we could offer to make your stay even better in BFRP:

Join the Civilian Operations Department!
New access per rank
Apply for a Business
100+ Civilian Vehicles
Custom Map Addons
Custom weapon models


And much more!



looks Amazing! Thanks for posting






This server is absolutely great! The staff are so nice and there at 160+ members in counting! I highly suggest you join.