Bloomfield Roleplay | Anyone can be Police/Fire/EMT/Civilian | Custom Mods, 100+ Civilian Vehicles | Custom Police Vehicles | State Police | Active Development



Welcome to Bloomfield Roleplay

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What to expect
Bloomfield Roleplay focus on providing the most quality experience on our server and a realistic Role-play experience. By doing so we have active Support and Staff members and owners who are always willing to help out. We want to make sure new members feel welcomed once joining our server.

Departments we offer

We’re always hiring new members for all of these Departments.

  • Bloomfield State Police
  • Bloomfield Fire Department
  • Bloomfield Civilian Operations
  • Communications Department
  • Department of Justice

Custom Features

All vehicles are ELS What is els?
ELS Stands for Emergency Lightning System. It simply gives more options for light patterns and a lot brighter lights. When in a Emergency Vehicle you get a light panel where you can switch your siren and lights into different stages.

  • 100+ Custom Addon Civilian Vehicles
  • Custom Police/Fire/Civilian/Division vehicle models.
  • Custom Map Addons (Fire station, police station & more)
  • Custom chat commands - /emotes /911 /me /do /ad /twt /tow /dispatch /fire /ems
  • Custom Weapon Models - All custom Law Enforcement weapons + Civilian Models.
  • Emotes, do /emotes
  • Radar
  • Custom Peds

More about our Departments

  • State Police
    Education and Training is important. We make sure our Cadets who have been approved for the State Police gets as detailed training as possible for them to patrol as a Patrol officer and know how to operate on their own as soon as possible. We’re always searching for new Troopers who are willing to put time and effort into their job as as a State Trooper.

  • Fire Department
    Work to assist the wounded, injured or fight fires to keep the community growing and not burning down. Get more detailed training and become a Fire Rescue member to go on more advanced missions on saving people from dangerious areas.

  • Civilian Operations
    The Civilian Department is for those Roleplayers who wish to get more out of the Civilian Role-play. Make up your character with creative storys. Become a wanted member of society, or maybe play things legal and be a Business Owner. There’s nothing stopping you but Realism!

  • Communications Department
    Become a Communications officer and assist the officer while calling out on radio. Recieve calls and direct them over to patrol units. Take information from officers while they’re on scene. Being a Dispatch operator does not require you to actually own the game.

  • Department of Justice
    Fight your cases, Traffic fines or press charges against another person. Department of Justice works actively to resolve cases with Justice.

We are always developing to add more interesting stuff for our Community Members. We have a dedicated Development team who help out and make their own Scripts for the server.

  • Get in contact
    If you are trying to get in contact with the directors, feel free to send us a Email or contact us over Discord.


looks Amazing! Thanks for posting



This server is absolutely great! The staff are so nice and there at 160+ members in counting! I highly suggest you join.