[BETA] Battle of Los Santos - A True GTA:V Battle Royale Experience



Welcome to Battle of Los Santos
Fight your way to the top and be the last man standing.

This is my take on what a BR mode in GTA should be.
This mode has everything you would want in a GTA Battle Royale mode.

  • Spawn in a giant cargo plane that takes you across the map, pick your designated drop location and eject out of the plane and parachute to the ground
  • Safe Zones & a timed storm that closes in on you every few minutes
  • Different rarities of weapons and vehicles scattered around the map for you to find and loot
  • Supply drops that spawn every so often during the game
  • Currency system where every kill and win will give you more cash to spend
  • An item shop to buy new weapon and parachute tints to equip in-game
  • An item shop to buy new skins to wear in-game and show that you’re better than everyone else

Server IP:
Discord: https://discord.gg/3EdXHmr
Website: Coming Soon - maybe

Screenshots & Video


Final Note: I am labeling this as a beta for the time being as I want to get players in to actually play the game and share their thoughts and opinions, and iron out any bugs that may arise as testing has currently only been myself and one other player. The mode should be fast and fun for all and I hope it provides some entertainment to the FiveM community!

Also want to give a shoutout and thanks to @eliakoh for his work on his own Battle Royale mode that I have taken some inspiration from.


server is down?


This is what I’m looking for =D


@Boo Is the server no longer available?


Had to put the project on the back burner for a bit as I’ve had other things that took priority over this. There’s currently a huge bug that breaks the whole gamemode so I will be looking into fixing that hopefully soon and getting the server up and running again. No ETA yet though


Would you be willing to release your game mode to the public so we can help you out debugging and working on it?


is a good idea. Unfortunately I do not have sufficient knowledge to help with these issues, but I have friends who are looking for a server of the type and we would certainly create a very active community


I’ve definitely thought about open sourcing it, but my main concern is then many different BR servers would be thrown together and I feel like it would probably kill the game mode having multiple servers as the population would be spread out, might try and find someone else who is interested in working on it with me though - at this point the only way I can fix the remaining bugs are having multiple people in the server as it only has issues when that occurs. So that’s my next step is finding a few people who are able to just join and sit in the game while I can debug the last few things


I believe I can have, besides me, 2 or 3 friends willing to always be present in the tests (sorry about my English)


I think you’re right, making the RP gamemode public definitely killed it off. Keep that stuff secret and on the back burner. That way it can live forever.


I completely understand, look at the amount of absolute dog shit RP servers we have out there…

if you’re ever interested, I’m sure some of the senior members of the community from the Discord wouldn’t mind helping you with the project. Often times we’re looking for non-rp game modes to help progress among the community.


Been ironing out tons of bugs with the help of @Muller_Oliveira and the server is now back online for beta testing! Would love to get some players to join and share their thoughts on how to make the game better


Updated the OP with a video and some screenshots to show off the mode, enjoy!


Is this server no longer up? I’d love to check it out.