Begginer (and dumb) question xd


Hello dear FiveM Community

I recently embraced this adventure of starting a FiveM server in order to provide a great and friendly roleplay experience for players.

However I am not an expert at coding and judging by the question I am gonna make you will probably wonder if I even know how to setup a server xD (It is up and running)

So I started the server, joined and it’s amazing but now I have a question.
When I make changes to the server files (for example: Changing server.cfg, adding resources, scripts, etc) how do I make the server stop/restart in order to make the changes to take effect? I assume I do have to shut it down but I have searched rcon commands, shell commands and I got nothing.

EDIT: I know about the clearing the chace thing :slight_smile:

Anyone there can give me a helping hand? Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Additional Information:
Server is running on a Linux Server (Ubuntu 18.10)


If you are editing existing resource files, you can restart them with restart <resourcename>. For example: restart sessionmanager

If you added new files, you will have to fully restart the server. Same goes for editing your server.cfg

For more information, consult the documentation:

Hope this helps :mascot:


Hy d0p3t.

Thank you for your reply.

Okay so, if I edit resources that are already in the server files, I can just use restart <resourcename>. Got it, thanks for than one.

My question however is more directed to shutting down the server itself. I started it but now I don’t know how to stop it xD

I used +exec server.cfg to start it. is there a command to stop it? Do I have to terminate/kill the process?

Thanks in advice

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If your running it through an active bash session just end it with Ctrl+C. If you are using a service, stop the service


But refresh is a thing :open_mouth:


:open_mouth: I didn’t even know that’s a thing. Just saw it in the docs. Then I guess you can use this to start a resource or file you’ve added.


Alright so the refresh doesn’t work for what I want.

What if I make changes to the server.cfg? I can’t refresh server.cfg

I will try to kill the process and run it again. But Thanks for the help so far anyways

Best Regards,