Base jumping


here a base jump setup for people so you can have base jumping in rp servers. from N3MTV server

basejump.lua (2.2 KB)


its add base jumping to your server so you got point on the map and you can jump from them


Please delette this post it’s my creation ! If you want to see more go to download my framework.

nolink here


does it look like i am saying i made it now just Posting for all so take a chill pill


coming from a person who releasing peoples scripts in a framework with out rights to all the makers that made most of the scipts you are taking and releasing maybe you should think about it before modifying there code and not give credits.


hummm if you want but… ok nothing i don’t want to talk again, you are the best :slight_smile:


i converted it for all the eng guys and just shared it that why i left release of it and that.


Just put “from N3MTV server”, give at least the source …

you are just saying “here a base jump setup for people so you can have base jumping in rp servers.” and… this script need cotd_teleport from my server…


Honestly if it is indeed from N3 then that should be put in the description . It’s only right .
But just for the record there is a glitch with the parachute it does not stay open does anybody have a fix for this


I go to the locations but no marker or parachute. What could be wrong?


i also go to location says press E but does nothing??