Banned for having admin powers on a server

So, on the 6th of June, I was banned from FiveM for (14 days) for the case of “cheating” now I would understand that FiveM does not want players loading cheat menus to disrupt other players experiences but when the menu that you are using is integrated into the server itself and not injected from an outside source gets you banned I feel that the idea of that is false. Now I am not sure how it is FiveM detects cheaters but I could gladly get the server owner on a line to get this taken care of as he is a personal friend of mine and can show my name in his admin list in order to disprove the ban I have received.

I am not sure where else to take this so I thought I would bring it here to get opinions on how to go about this.

I will be updating this as much as I am able to with whatever information I can through the 14 days of ban that I have.

Hi there,

The ban system only gets triggered when some sort of cheat is detected. It won’t trigger for in-game resources such as a menu as that just isn’t how it works. Unfortunately, this means that either yourself or somebody else using your account, has used a cheat/hack. If you are convinced this was not you who did it, then you might want to consider changing your account’s password because it may be compromised.

Unfortunately, as stated in the ban message, FiveM staff is unable to assist you in the event of a global ban. You will have to wait for the ban to expire. If you would like to attempt to contact them email