Banned but not banned after checking with Server admins



I know, bans should be dealed with by the appropraite community I’ve been banned from but this isnt different.
So, I’ve been playing for a while on FiveM RP servers and in particular SoE… all familiar to a lot of you probably.

I’ve played well on the normal servers, nothing wrong etc but once I gained acces to the Whitelist server the client/server started to reject me by banning me, or at least not letting me join and saying that I’ve been banned. I asked the community boss and admins many times about this and every time I came back clean on their end, after some small issues. So they responded back to me last time that it must be something on my side…

Now I changed nothing in the time between normal servers and whitelist servers but I have played on different RP servers.

Is there somebody who can tell me what the issue might be? THanks.


What is the exact message you get? If it is not “You have been banned from this server. Stated reason: [REASON]”, it’s on their end, not ours nor yours.


It’s been different messages. Three different ones. First it started off with
"You have been banned. I know you have many servers on which you play on and we thank you for choosing us" or something along these lines.
Another one is " You have been banned from this server. Stated reason: FailRP"
The third I can’t remember


Yeah, I guess then their admins are lying to you about ‘them not banning you’.


How can i find out why i got banned? All it said was you were banned from server. Noone said anything about not doing anything or stop doing. Just got banned.