Banned because of an application in the background



Hello, first of all I apologize for my English not perfect I’m french :slight_smile: Last night I had a software launched on my desktop (a software named Cheat Engine) I absolutely did not want to use it on FiveM and I absolutely did not use it on FiveM, it was in the background and crashed several times my game I do not know why so I decided to close it then I played.I played during the whole evening then I went to sleep, this morning I wake up with the unpleasant surprise of being banished. I am a French streamer and I would like to be able to stream if you would have the indulgence to unburden me.
My sincere apologies
Regards Paul


You must admitted to having cheat engine, I highly doubt people want to help someone who cheats. Even if it’s not on FIveM. You deserve the ban for cheating in my opinion.


If it was a server that banned you, contact the server owner.

If it is a GLOBAL ban, read the message: no one can do anything about it. You’ll have to sit out the next ~14 days. This is an automated ban and detects tampering with the game, like Lua Injectors and probably CheatEngine.