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Hey There!

I’m Henx .P [1A-01] And I’m The Owner Of The Baker Street Community RP Server.
I Wanted To Let You All Know We Are Applying:
Los Santos Police Dept.
Blaine County Sheriff Dept.
San Andress Highway Patrol/State Troopers
San Andress Fire Dept.


  1. If You Want To Apply You Have To Join Our Discord: Click Here
  2. If You Have No Mic You Can’t RP/Apply.
  3. No RDM/VDM/FailRP.
  4. Racism Is Taken Very Seriously. If You Are Being Racist Or Offensive To Someone You Will Be Banned.
  5. To Apply You Got To Know The Rules And Comply To Them.
  6. If You Are In Any Dept. You Have To Comply The Rules Aswell.
  7. Don’t Use any kind of Troll Menu.
  8. Planes And Helicopters Are NOT ALLOWED Unless you are M3 Or above (M3, M2 , M1) Or you were Premited By The Owner/ Co-Owner.
  9. If You Are Using Explosives You Can Be Banned Or Kicked (Admin’s Choice)

For Any Help:
Join Our Discord Or Contect Me In Discord DM’S
Join Our Steam Group

Server IP:

Have Good & Fun Time Roleplaying!

-Henx .P [1A-01]
Baker Street Community Owner