AutoDeleteCache Bat File


Tired, hopeless or even lazy? if so i have created a very simple bat file that allows you to delete your cache files within your fx folder so you dont have to waste valuable time deleting files manually!


  1. Download The Bat File:
  2. Drag and drop your newly downloaded file into your Fxserver.
  3. Right click on autodelcache fivem bat file and edit with notepad++
  4. Replace both Place Folder Directory Here with your cache folder directory, save and test!

Folder Directory EG: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\FXServer\cache\files

For any more questions please comment bellow!


Here we go again, another shitty version of a Cache clearer for FiveM when starting a server…


Unnecesary and low quality release


I don’t get this obsession with nuking the cache…
The caching system knows when files change and re-cache them automatically…


Why do people think these are even necessary anymore… I’ve caused more issues by clearing my cache than just letting the server handle it on it’s own.


There is a reason for the cache folder to exist, and it’s very bad practise to alter or delete it. Thus isn’t the old CitMP days anymore.


Quit bashing the guy. He created something I thought could be helpful. I dont see anyone else doing this. Plus if you create an update to a file, you have to clear out the cache or it wont work properly. So shame on you guys for doing that. I do not see any of you guys coming up with ideas on how to improve ideas. Before you go knocking someone down for their idea, look to make it better and help the community as a whole.


No, you don’t have to clear the cache if you change a file, that was only for the old CFXServer, not the new FXServer. So therefore, this script is pointless, end of story.


There’s literally no purpose for this on FXServer. It’s not bashing, it’s criticism. If you can’t take it, especially when the topic isn’t even yours, you’re in the wrong place.

That’d be where you’re wrong, simply running restart <script> works just fine. :slight_smile: