Anyone can be a cop in hustle in bustle rp custom vehicles and scripts


hello guys just started a server and were still looking for some civillians ems and officers so if you’re interested please come join us at hustle in bustle rp heres are discord
and the rules of are server
You must apply to rank up as a Law Enforcement Officer or EMS/Fire.

No Trolling or Cop Baiting.

No Racism, Homophobia or Sexism.

No Disrespecting other clan members.

No random killing or arresting.

Abusing powers will not be tolerated.

You must Role Play seriously at all times.

No speed boosting vehicles.

Absolutely no advertising of any kind.

Do not spam the server with vehicles or assets.

All in-game laws will be based on California laws

Permission is required to fly/drive any type of aircraft.

Cops must be on Discord.

FailRP is against the rules and common sense should be used to determine if something is FailRP or not. The decision of something being FailRP or not is up to the high ranking officer’s and staff member’s discretion if it is not obvious.

On Duty Admins are exempt from all roleplay rules and are not required to roleplay. They must be in the admin vehicle, if they are driving around.




You already have a thread advertising a server. Stick to the one.