Any way to implement lockpicks into ESX


Is the anyway to implement lockpicks into the ESX framework


They are in ESX already within the Mecano job. The item is called a blowpipe but it is actually the lockpick, you can “use” it from your inventory, sell them in shops, etc.


Wait so I should just be able to add the item blowpipe to shops and it should work?


Basically yes. We made a shop tucked away that sells lockpicks and repair kits. Since our mechanics can also craft them via the mecano job, they also sell the stuff on the side to make extra cash.


Ok, I have can buy blowpipes and it tells me I have used a blowtorch, how would I change this so it says Lockpick instead of blowpipe and that I have used a lockpick?


You need to change the item label**. Both DB and the scripts that call for the blowpipe. Thanks SirScoots


Ok cheers, one more thing you know any scripts which prevent people stealing npc and parked cars.


Not the item name itself, the label of the item. You can leave it called blowpipe and just label it Lockpick in the various label spots.


So the blowpipe works, however do you know of any resources that lock npc cars and parked cars?


Not sure on scripts for making npc stuff unstealable, but i am sure it is out there.


Hey can u give me the script with blowpipes? :slight_smile: Need it.


Honestly I deleted it.