[ALPHA/TEST] Ballas VS Famillies - Capture and Hold


Hello everyone.

I am currently working on a “Capure and Hold” game mode.
It’s early alpha but playable.

Early testing is almost done, thanks to @eliakoh and his pals (Btw, check his Battle Royal mode, it’s awesome)

I have set up a discord for those willing to help : https://discord.gg/PXZNrR3
I’ll start test sessions here very soon.
Once the server is stable enouth, I’ll make it public and post the IP here.

The concept is simple :

  • You spawn in a lobby and select a team : Ballas or Famillies
  • Once 4 players are ready, the game begins.
  • An artefact spawn in the world, on a random location (Probably because aliens :wink: )
  • An area is created on the map, showing the region where you can find the artefact.
  • Players are spawned in free-fall around that area (With a parachute of course)
  • Once in the area, a beeping sound gets faster as you get closer to the artefact.
  • When You pick up the artefact, you and your team start earning money. But beware, the other team will be after the artefact !
  • You can use the money to buy weapons and vehicles (WIP)

Things about holding the artefact :

  • The artefact holder cannot use aircrafts or boats, and when in a vehicle, its speed is reduced to half.
  • The longer you hold it, the more money you get (And your team)
  • The area around you will follow you and shrink with time, making it easier for the other team to find you as time passes. To the point where your exact position is shown !

What I need now is some gameplay testing to track down bugs and balance the gameplay.

So fell free to join the discord and hilla at me !

To Do/ WIP :

  • Objective to bring to the artefact to, for bonuses
  • Proper weapon/vehicles shops
  • Special, limited use items, to help with the artefact (localisator, slow down the holder, call cops on holder etc etc)
  • Rounds
  • scoreboard

Hoping to see some of you soon,
Have fun !


Good job ! Another non-RP gamemode for FiveM, and a really fun one, I already liked it the first time you talked to me about it.

Got the chance to try it, and it’s going to be nuts :joy:


What’s with all these non-RP game types being ‘closed testing only’? The last ones like this didn’t even make it past these closed testing stages to a public server - who’s to say this won’t happen again?


Well, nobody saying it won’t happen again, but at least we’re trying…
And it’s only closed testing because it’s early alpha, and I cannot run proper debug with people fooling around. I often need to create specific situations to test some features.

Once the server is stable enouth i’ll will post in server adverts.


… run multiple instances - one open running a mostly verified version, one closed for testing with known people? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, good idea, as soon as it’s stable enouth to play unattended, i might do that


Hello again,

The server is coming along but still need testing.
Don’t hesitate to drop by the discord server.

New update today : Weapon shop, based on [ES] Weapon Store [v1.1] by : @hoegarden31

See you soon !


Update 05/24 : update to ES 3.2.3/CouchDB


Update : Added delivery point for artefact, (After a certain time hold)

Also, gone public !! see here for details


Hey can i get the source code