Alpha Bravo Roleplay


This is an upcoming server (expected release Wednesday). Alpha Bravo Is server looking for players for when it releases it is NON economic server with lots of scripts on release and is going to be lots of fun and will not fail the first week. It was purchased this weekend and already has lots of friendly staff and police and a team on civilians and we need ems and firemen i think. Im Neon and im on Highway Patrol looking foward to seeing you join. Any questions or further details join our Discord
(Answers to possible questions) It will NOT be state wide roleplay starting out on the sandy area. We DO need fire / EMS. NON Economic server (no jobs or money). So mod menus are allowed. There is a “refferal program” In our discord that states when you invite 3 people you get to add a custom car that only YOU can drive so thats where our custom cars come from. The server will be released MID WEEK.) ANY OTHER QUESTIONS ASK IN DISCORD again the discord is here -->

Need Civs/ Fire/ EMS Alpha Bravo Roleplay 2018