AI are retarded


Hey guys,

I need some help creating a modification for my server. It seems that they AI are stupid. We are based in Paleto Bay and the AI are going too fast on Great Ocean Highway, and end up slamming into each other - thus creating a huge pileup. Anyway to fix this?



This is glorious and stops a ton of the “retarded” AI driving.

You use it the same way for Addon car handling files. You dont even need to translate anything that file works as it from GTA5 Mods.


Thanks so much, but I cannot seem to find a datafile that goes with the vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta file.


Rename it to just handling.meta


Now how would I disable a certain type of car from spawning with the AI? It seems that two car models are the culprits for most of the crashes (Even though the crashing amount has significantly lowered)


Si I tried this meta and it crashed me upon joining my server. Any reason why?