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AHRP is a new Roleplay Community and man are we looking to grow!! All administration and staff have great knowledge and experience on Roleplay and we want to bring YOU! along for the ride.

What do we have to offer?

              - Custom Vehicles for every Department
              - CAD System
              - Website -
              - Teamspeak Server
              - Discord

Things to know if you are interested
- Put in an Application, someone will get back to you shortly
- Interview process will come after depending on the status of your application
- Training will be required after the interview process
- Then Patrol, Patrol, Patrol
Our Departments
- Los Santos Police Department
- Blaine County Sheriff Office
- San Andreas State Patrol
- Civilian Opperations
- Communications
- San Andreas Fire Department

A word from our Head Administrators

Hello my name is Jack, I started Roleplay because I loved the thought of it and watched videos like everyone else. I had my eye on the prize when applying to a very big and very known community, Shortly after getting in I had been trained and was a new member of LSPD. Working my way up the ranks and starting to be known I loved my patrols and the people I patrolled with. After eight wonderful months I finally started to look at my options and make a big leap… creating my own community with buddies from an old clan. So now I am here with a ready sever and learning new things along the way. As we fill up ranks and host larger patrols I would ask you to come along for the journey. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you at AHRP.

Check Out Our Website!!


To add we are Hiring for All Departments!!!


We do also Allow a Youtube or Twitch affiliate Program.


Hello, I recently applied and was rejected. I understand that I was rejected because of my age.
I was told that I needed to be 17 and up and familiarize myself with the specifications that were not listed?
If they are, they are much to difficult to spot or unable to be reached by applicants. This may be my error, but it may not be that is why I am replying. And I was told I need a working mic when I checked the “Yes” box saying that I do indeed have a mic.
-Ryan S


Sorry Ryan but the age requirement is set at 17, I apologize for the inconvenience your Application was great btw so keep it up!


Haha, I know it was great (:


Also, whoever commented on my application I cannot view it because the site requires my app to be accepted to have a account.


I believe It was regarding your age.