After Hours Nightclub Coordinates and Props

Hey guys, I was browsing the forums all day and I didn’t manage to find the coordinates and the props for the nightclub interiors from After Hours DLC. I’ve seen some screenshots so i think it’s possible. Does anyone know?

Yes it is possible, but it remains pretty hard to import it.
Just wait the fivem update, and some cool release around nightclup

If needed, here is the nightclub position: vector3(-1604.664, -3012.583, -78.000)


Okay, thank you :smiley:

They are there. You just have to look in the right places :wink:


Maaaan, can you please tell me where to look. I’m desperate. :sob:

thats bullshit cause you cant even dance like that yet on five m

So because you haven’t found anything for the new animations on After Hours it’s not real? That makes no sense lol.

Everything you see in that is streamed in, including the animations. So you my friend should not even be commenting on something you obviously have 0 knowledge on. I suggest you do not post comments like this in future so you do not make yourself look stupid.

Enjoy your day…

excuse me where did you find the stream of the nightclub ?

I found it where it should be? lol. Just look it all there

when i go to the coordinates i fall down under the map

Did you stream it all in first or just go to your “coordinates” ?

I just go to the coordinates

but where i can found the steam of the night club i ask you

Not to be rude mate but if you just went to coords for something that is not yet in fivem and had no idea you need to stream it, then even if you found everything you would not be able to do it. Its not easy to do for someone that has no idea to begin with. I get that people need to start somewhere and learn, but if you want to learn then do research on how to find and stream files.

I really suggest just waiting for fivem to update with it all. It won’t be long

But I know how to stream all the props and everything, I just need the names. I am begging you, I’m not going to affect your server’s popularity (if you have one) because I have a Serbian server so it means nothing to you but the world to me. :persevere:

right buddy

I am not a beginener i know how to stream, i was just asking you if you have the file for steam it on my server

Looks like the update is out with this new build anyways according to twitter

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Can confirm its all in now. No need to stream any of the files

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