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Server Advice

I’m gonna give you guys some advice on starting a server, as I have noticed that a lot of people have been opening up servers recently with small mistakes. But before we start I have one thing which really annoys me when people first start, they claim that they have “Custom Scripts” when really they only use scripts of the fivem forums… It really annoys me so please, please only say you have custom content if you actually have custom content.

Server Hosting

There are many different hosting companys out there, and with fivem you can go with a VPS or a Gameserver, a dedicated server is not needed to run a fivem server. There are many VPS providers out there but my personal favourite is emperorhosting (@AutoJukebox 's Company) the servers run very well and it also comes with free web pro (Free 55 websites and 55 databases). I would recommend the Premium VPS for a fivem server. For gamehosting the recommended host is zap-hosting, however you would have to buy your teamspeak and website seperately. (A teamspeak can be run from a VPS as well as another development server if needed) And also you will not get as much preformance as you would with a VPS.

Forum Post

When you first start your server, you want to create a topic on the forums to advertise it. I see a lot of people do this daily, however most people do not put a lot of detail into their post. When you first create your post you want to be clear about the Information About The Community, Language, How You Communicate, How To Join, Emergency Services, Positions That Are Needed etc.

Some examples of good adverts:
Los Santos County Sheriff
Provincial RP
Los Santos Public Safety Roleplay Clan


When you first start your server, you want to decide if it is open or if it is white-listed and only does patrols. When you first start however, unless you already have a good amount of members you probably want to go for an open server. As most people just want to join a server and have a good time, instead of having to sign up, join teamspeak etc.

Starting Emergency Services

When you first start your server, you do not want to start with too many departments, as I have seen a lot of servers who have only just started. And have three different departments, I would recommend only having one or two departments at once. As you do want to have one or two cars from each department patrolling. I would also recommend only having either fire department of ems, or fire and rescue.

The same goes for sub-divisions, you do not want to have too many sub-divisions at the start. As you will probably only get one or two people in a department. So if there is a swat call and you only have one person from that division on duty. They’re probably not going to do so well by themselves, breaching a building.


For communication in a server, you probably want to use a voice application. I would recommend teamspeak although discord is an alternative for free. As you can use these for radio communications.

Will continue to edit.

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The Command Staff Of Los Santos Public Safety Roleplay


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