Add reconnect command

Add reconnect or retry command, that would connect you to latest server.

Doesn’t direct connect show the last server you joined?

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What purpose does disconnecting and reconnecting serve?

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I kinda think what he means that if u do. /reconnect u rejoin into the server without having todo F8/disconnect or exit fivem entirely

Yes. (disconnecting and reconnecting)

couldn’t you just use /disconnect and then just go to direct connect and click connect?

That would be a very bad idea. As far as I know, all the ymap and other AddOn stuff starts to get messy when a player rejoins. The best solution every time you need to join a new server with other ymaps then close your game totally and join the other server you wanted.

If a reconnect command should be possible, would require FiveM to fix all these errors with different connections and rejoin bugs that occur.

When you disconnect from a server and rejoin or join another server, you just crash so it’s not going to make a difference