Above The Law RP [Whitelisted] [Applications Open] [Need Staff] DOJ Style


Hello, today I am bringing you guys a new server. This server is served to offer a great opportunity for enhanced roleplay. Our Aim is to provide the community of ATLRP with best roleplay scenerios. Though we are new, we hope to aquire more members, which are serious in roleplay. Currently, our server is menu based (though there are SOP’s in place for departments). Our server is closely related to a DOJ style server, with no custom job scripts in place. Instead we’ve aimed to make the server rely on the characters you create, with creative and fun roleplay. Our departments are: Civilian, Los Santos Police, Highway, Sheriff, Fire, Ems, Dispatch (for those who cannot play gta, you are still eligible to apply for our dispatch department, to stay involved, via answering 911 calls on channel, and taking charge in the police RTO channel). There is an SOP on the requirements of becoming a civilian in our community, as well as becoming a Law Enforcement. We aim to provide the most realistic roleplay experience as possible. Before being aloud in our server, you are to be interviewed by a staff member (currently interviewing potential staff), and Server Leaders. Our Discord can be found Here-------------------- https://discord.gg/PcKJn4 . Please be aware we are trying to be a fun, professional serious roleplay community, with creative scenerios, and appropriate members. Thank you! :smiley: In order to join our community, you are able to join the discord, and we will interview you, and get you proper training in your department, and have you playing in no time!


how am i able to join


If you are similar to DOJ, why should I join you instead of DOJ? What makes you different?


If you are still looking for an admin for your server go ahead and message me…