A modder which unban himself



I have only one question to ask. What can I do when a modder, which I just banned from my server, can unban himself ? Basicly, he is a modder, so he can get invisible, he can give himself cash, he can fly, ha can make things explose and all that. But can he really unban himself when I came in game to ban him ?

I really really need your help because with this guy my server can’t run normally and people don’t wanna come.

Thank you.


Linux or windows ? Either way just block his IP through the firewall

If he then comes back he’ll need to be using a VPN and you just need to keep blocking his new ips until he gets bored of uninstalling and installing vpns just to mess with you


Windows. Thank you for quick answer and for the help ^^


Could you please tell me how to block him through the firewall ? ^^


i could have told you how to do it by text but you probably would get lost in the middle of something so just follow what this guy is doing


Or you could ban their license through a good system like EasyAdmin and they don’t just have to get a VPN and boom! They are in the server.


EasyAdmin bans users through license, steam and ip idk if you’re using that, you didn’t specify what were you using to ban him, so idk what the cheater can unban himself from


We have had many of these little kids be able to change the game license, steam IDs and ips within minutes and get right back in. Not sure how, but they do. In his case if he looks good, I dont believe they are unbanning themselves, they just spoof the license. No clue how, but they do.