A bit of help with an FiveM server if anyone would be so kind


My guild and I love GTAV Online, but rarely play on the public servers due to the constant hacking and PKers.

I would like to setup a dedicated server for us that mimics the GTAV Onlive public servers, including CEO and Biker content, etc with no mods, scripts or any other changes at all to the game. Just a place for us to play the original online game in its entirety without undesirable people messing it up for us.

Is this possible with FiveM?

I am thinking of renting a server from Zap Hosting for this purpose and wanted to make sure before I take the leap and possibly make a mistake.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and answer!



the only way to do that is to play on rockstar servers fivem is similar but not what your looking to do…


Thank you for the reply John,

Would you be so kind as to tell me what the differences would be?

Are there certain things we could not do? Is it impossible to make it a PVE experience using the quests, heists, etc that the Rockstar servers have on them?

Thanks ahead of time.


You will have to code that all yourself, as there are currently no resources or servers (that i know of) that mimic the experience of GTA:O


Thanks for letting me know. Better to know now then get into it and find out it cannot be done.