1149 - Server crash dump


Operating system: Windows
Artifact version: 1149
IP address: gtaliferp.fr:30120
Resources: 23

3729ea23-0f88-41fb-b060-db38fb16bcc6.dmp (1.9 MB)

6e321aa5-e8cd-41ec-8ae0-6ccc71ec2ad6.dmp (1.9 MB)

New crash

New crash without a dump “FXServer stopped working”
I have now enabled procdump

Got a procdump :smile:

e7de41bb-eb38-423a-9b78-c6127d72fd81.dmp (1.9 MB)

New one :frowning:

1161 - https://anonfile.com/82o1WfZ7m6/Procdump_rar
one of the two

Can you share your system32{msvcp140.dll,vcruntime140.dll}? You seem to have a version installed that’s not on the MSFT symbol servers.

Hello, those uploaded in #onesync should match those used

That specific hang issue should be resolved as of the following commit.

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Is this the cause to “FXServer.exe has stopped working”, because I had to manually install both those .dll’s…