ZechryRP | Whitelisted | YouTubers | Custom CAD


Hello everyone, I’m Cole Z. 1A-1 here with ZechryRP. And I welcome you here, here we have a variety of ranks and departments

Los Santos Police - Chief VACANT
San Andreas HP - Commissioner VACANT
Blaine County SO - Sheriff VACANT
Communications - VACANT
Fire Dept - VACANT
Civ - Parker K. Civ-1

We are looking for lots of people and one day we can get stronger and better! And there is also youtubers here so you will most likely be in a video if you patrol often!

Here is our website where you can apply!


Im the director 1a-1


We have active members and patrol whenever you like! We are also whitelisted.



My Name Is Zachary P. The Dispatch Director. this Is A great Community. Everyone Please Join: https://zechryrp.invisionzone.com/


Did the community shut down?


Hey are you guys ELS if not what is the link for that vehiclleee


Is this community still up and running?


This community was shutdown awhile back, but we are back and I will be editing the post.



is there a discord i can join?


You will receive the main discord after your interview, however you can connect to our interview server for any questions. If you do get accepted on our form from our website you will be able to get an interview and become an official member. Here is our website - https://jayh7718.wixsite.com/zechryrp
Here Is our discord - https://discord.gg/APK2c4


Expired Discord Link