ZechryRP | Whitelisted | YouTubers | Custom CAD


Hello everyone, I’m Cole Z. 1A-2 here with ZechryRP. And I welcome you here, here we have a variety of ranks and departments

Los Santos Police - Chief VACANT
San Andreas HP - Commissioner VACANT
Blaine County SO - Sheriff VACANT
Communications - Zachary P. C-100
Fire Dept - VACANT

We are looking for lots of people and one day we can get stronger and better! And there is also youtubers here so you will most likely be in a video if you patrol often!

Our discord and teamspeak is private until application is filled out. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe0Xv-CDVUV_AUFTGs67u16hxK9EpaJkiH24_ensl1CgwQ_tQ/viewform


Im the director 1a-1


We have active members and patrol whenever you like! We are also whitelisted.



My Name Is Zachary P. The Dispatch Director. this Is A great Community. Everyone Please Join: https://zechryrp.invisionzone.com/


Did the community shut down?


Hey are you guys ELS if not what is the link for that vehiclleee


Is this community still up and running?