ZapHosting - Recommended Server Specs


What options do you recommend I should use when going for a FiveM server from ZapHosting?
I’m wanting to host a Money Script FiveM RP Server, 32 Slots.

If you guys used ZapHosting before, what are your guys thoughts on it? Got any other recommended host?
How did your server run with X amount of scripts?


There are none, zap-hosting is the only authorized GSP. (Game service provider)


Not entirely true. they’re the only dedicated servers that is authorized yes. but you can rent a VPS I haven’t seen anyone say you’re not allowed to. I currently run a 4 core 6gb ram and 100 gb harddrive. i host 4 servers off of the one and its enough power.


What host?

Do the servers lag?
How many scripts are you running?
How many active players?


I have about 116 scripts give or take, about the same about of lag as any other server. I am also streaming a lot of custom maps, and la roads which are heavy mods. as far as active players I could maybe get 16 people on if I really tried. I use GameHostingCo here is a link to a referral


it is still the only authorized GSP though.


Yes i stated that. But as far as a vps that dont matter


I dont get why Zap is the only authorized GSP. Ive been with them for 3 months now and looking for something else. Constant issues and support that is hardly ever active to help. Waste of money paying for a server that you cant actually get onto at times.


No need to revive an old topic. This has been discussed many times before. Just search the forums.


As far as server specs it all depends on what you are trying to to for your players. The more scripts the more issues you can potentially run into. I highly recommend that with Zap you use a Dedicated IP and boost ram if you have a ton of resources. I also recommend that you increase base ram amount slightly as well. Lag is caused by numerous things and hosting a server in a good location doesn’t mean it not going to lag. You have to be aware that even a bad resource can cause a server to lag severely. As a dev for ELS+ I have first hand experience with this issue. Most mods dont actually run server side they run client side. What you think is server lag may actually be client lag that looks to be affecting the server. Anyways happy gaming :smiley: