Zap-Hosting - [HELP]


So I have just bought a server using Zap-Hosting. But I have no clue what to do now.
I want to know how to stream vehicles, peds and add scripts, how do I do this is anyone can help please join my discord here


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first of all, begging people to join your discord, seriously? second, this forum has a search function, use it.


How was it begging? That’s how they can contact me, don’t get pissy.


do the research yourself. the forums has all the infos you need.


I didn’t want to search the forum, not many people ask the same as me


there is loads of tutorials on how to stream vehicles/peds and how to add resources, the wiki and forums have all that information, stop expecting people to spoonfeed you.


Yes I agree with that, but you also need to stop being rude


He’s not being rude, he’s simply telling the truth… You’re expecting someone to hand you everything, when that’s not the way things work in life… Do the research, get what you want yourself, and be satisfied that you’re the one that did it, not someone else.


Technically, you would be wrong because in life you get somthing from somone else, therefore, theoretically, someone else helps you do somthing that you want to do.
Also, I don’t need any help anymore due to me finding it out in my control panel dashboard, I just hadn’t looked properly


See? Ya did it yourself! That should make you feel good…

And obviously, you have yet to expierence life, but eh. :woman_shrugging:


Well that’s not being rude is it :neutral_face:


@590Gaming go trough our “Frequently asked question” section in control panel. There you find everything you need. Furthermore you can ask in Dunkos Discord community - there are many tutorials.


Thank you!
and also, thank you for not being rude unlike the FiveM admins


all good - if you have any questions, let me know here by PM or send a ticket to our support. Livechat is sometimes a little bit overloaded.