You need a change in where you play! - State of San Andreas Emergency Roleplay | Police, Fire, EMS & CAD/MDT



Hello all,

I don’t know about you guys, but there are far too many horrible servers circulating around fivem. It seems as if every server has one large flaw, whether it be: horrible RP, rude staff, ineffective management, lack of custom content or broken add-ons. We all know about DOJ, and aspire to be just like them but for what reason? Yeah, youtubers play on it; which is great but is it worth being treated horribly by staff who feels as if they are above you? No, it’s not. Instead of waiting indefinitely for applications to open up, go ahead and join us- the State of San Andreas Emergency Roleplay Community. Many of our leaders are real-life first responders that simply want to extend their knowledge and passion towards their careers past their town jurisdictions. Go ahead and take that extra step and treat yourself to what you deserve! Visit us and apply at:

Hope to see you soon,
Jon Smidt

State of San Andreas Emergency Roleplay - Populated and Quick Application Process

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