[YMAP] XYs Dynamically Enhanced Sandy PD



I made this a while ago and now have the time to share it with the community :star_struck:

Extract and add the folder xysdynamicsspd to resources and add “start xysdynamicsspd” no quotes to the server.cfg Search RealLife TycoonRP in the Server list to preview the add-on!

Updated March 13th to fix FPS drops by removing some props. Download: xysdynamicsspd.rar (3.7 KB)

Any issues, please leave a comment below, Thanks!


Looks great and i cant wait to put it in my server!


Multiple FPS drops in the parking lot area of the PD. Numerous reports from different players.


This happens when you add props to your game. You can reduce the number of props yourself by opening it in Codewalker and deleting them


Thank you JakeK. I appreciate your response.


Also check the LOD distances on the props. They should be around 1-5000 meteres


ts too much stuff cramed it looks un real


Should be reduced now!


Do you have updated photos and can you inform us what has been reduced please.


the fence around back and some lights