[YMAP] XYs Dynamically Enhanced Paleto PD



Here is the peleto bay PD ymap i made for you guys! :hear_no_evil:

And as always, Extract and add the folder xysdynamicpaletopd to resources and add “start xysdynamicpaletopd” no quotes to the server.cfg Search RealLife TycoonRP in the Server list to preview the add-on!

Also coming soon a sandy air field edit, or original, depending if i have time. This is also live in my server, seems to load extremely well!

Updated March 13th to fix FPS drops by removing some props. Download the paleto PD enhancement here: xysdynamicpaletopd.rar (2.1 KB)

Search Reallife Transport in the fivem server list to preview these addons.
If you have any bugs please leave them below, thank you!


Awesome upgrade for Paleto PD. Stoked to see the airport upgrade. Keep up the good work!


Looks good, but it would be great if you put a release called “XYs Map Collection” and then uploaded all of your maps there. :stuck_out_tongue:


You are honestly amazing


Is there a statically enhanced version also available? I would appreciate that!


is there a verison this for the airfield?


yes please is the airport done yet


Here you go!

xysdynamicairfield.rar (17.1 KB)



Really like your work use all your maps on our server. We have experienced frame-rate loss with the airport anyway you can fix this?