.ymap items wont load inside interiors?


so I made a map. I ported it over to a ymap I put it into my fivem server everything I put outside the police station has spawned all the items I put into the police station on missionrow is not their security cameras and everything was gone doesn’t make sense to me its all CORDS X Y Z should the objects not be there??? I don’t get it everything else spawns


i think it’s cause the police station is an interior, so it react differently.

for be sure try to add item inside the micheal house and see if it’s the same


it is the same but look at this it makes no sense to me at all. its a cord placement and the shit is here but it isent check out this video i made https://youtu.be/lsW6C16LT1E


Here is a tutorial I wrote to load YMAP inside interior : [How-to] Load YMAP inside interior