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YMAPS Can someone explaine to me how exactly how ymaps work ? do you have to have the normally gta v map loaded to load the ymaps can ymaps be placed above the map in the air will it have a floor does anyone know i searched every where read every tut and followed instructions to work it out how it works alot of people dont have a ground i am new is there videos on how to convert from json with up to 15 custom ymaps


YMAPS are a different map format. The main only downside is with YMAPS is that they do not spawn vehicles or peds. You have to have the normal GTA V map loaded and I believe they can be above and below the map. If your looking to see how they are loaded into FiveM you can take a look at some of the maps around on the forums (one is FAXES Map Collection). Take a look at the files etc.

If you are in need or more or have any other info feel free to pm me here on the forums or reply below.

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WOW fast reply thanks soo does that mean with the json maps and you try add a ymap it wont appear right ? also what does it mean when you load your ymap and there are only objects how would you fix it ?


I made a program here to convert the json maps to ymaps. ([Dev Tool] yMap Tools - Updated!)

Also with my program if you have a Map Editor map you can make a lua file which will make the peds and vehicles appear as well.


is there a video on how to successfully use this and load converted maps with out seeing the main map


Oh you want to remove the main map as well.

Here is a resource that will do that for you. You’ll have to find a water.xml file that will generate water for you though. This removes everything.

removemap.rar (3.4 KB)


OMG thank you <3 lol been looking for this :slight_smile:


yeah i have deleted cache and rebooted pc it only moves after i have rebooted but theres still no collision would i have to also change something in the ytyp as well ?


I have responded here [Dev Tool] yMap Tools - Updated!


Hello gentlemens,

Someone know how to fix the floor bug not showing?

Example, thius YMAP, doest not load floor…

Someone know how to fix?