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London Life

XG3N Network, founded on the 10/09/2018 by Josh Stanley, Josh Walker, Chris Smith and Rasmus.

XG3N Network is a community branching out to different games such as Arma 3 too GTA V. XG3N owns multiple server with dedicated staff working round the clock to keep the server; fun, friendly, hate free and enjoyable. Our staff make sure all community members are all safe having fun and are stress free inside the community.

What is London Life?
London Life is a realistic role play server designed and developed by a hard working staff team who all have a love for gaming especially FiveM Life servers. London Life strives to be the best of the best of british roleplay. We are the only London Life out there that will provide players with a realistic environment to play in.

How does it make it realistic?

Firstly, lets talk about the police in game. Also known as the Metropolitan Police this is the main workhorse when it comes to in-game with a realistic fleet including server exclusive cars and a realistic structure, these are the guys who roam the streets cracking down on crime. The Met have their specialist divisions also including traffic and firearms (SCO19) who carry with them an arsenal of weaponry to keep gun crime on the low, these are highly trained police officers which let members try and build their way up the ranks to become one of the best!

Secondly, we have custom shops, petrol stations, police stations, airfields and scripts which make GTA V feel even more like London. Having specific jobs suitable for London have also been added to the server to make you feel like a real living person inside this fictional world. Also how about you open up your very own gang and try and take over the underworld of crime smuggling drugs and firearms from the different counties whilst trying to no get caught. All this in its self is a lot for just one server, custom cars, gangs, police but still isn’t even half of whats in game already!

Like mentioned in the previous paragraph we have custom scripts but not like any other life server out there. Hows it different? Well for one we have a fully functional and syn’d server side ELS which means you don’t have to download anything, no hard work for anyone as we try to keep that to ourselves and not for others to deal with. Reason two speed cameras, yes i know who likes them but that’s another variable that adds to the realistic aspect of the server having to mind your speed whilst driving so you don’t get caught by the police, this is something that in other servers you can freely do without a punishment, well here you will!

Finally, society mode has been activated on the server meaning you earn money depending on what job you do. In addition to this the owner of such jobs are the people who set and pay your wage. The owners of the business you go into receive a bank loan which allows them to set those wages but this means the employees must actually go and do their job whether that’s an estate agent or police officer it will effect business if the jobs are not performed correctly.

In game screen shots

Why join us when theres plenty of servers out there?

Well to plain and simply put it we’re the only London Life server that is to the upmost realistic and with people interested in the development such as Double Doppler, Netty and a few other modders you wont come across another server out there with such support from big names!

When will we be open

At the moment we’re in alpha phase of development and are looking for a base community player base to start with. This ranges from having people who are interested in the police to apply, people who want to join the in game NHS and just normal players who want to role play as a civ whether that’s the way of crime or a normal civ. To get to the point of when we will be open, we are looking at opening towards the end of this month publicly around the 31st of September. On the 31st we will be in the BETA stage of development and will look towards cracking down on any bugs that may crop up during alpha stage, however a vast majority of game breaking bugs have been resolved. We are open now but only to testers who are willing to support the development of the server and willing to join and play. Note that if members join early their accounts will not be wiped at the end of the month and any member who refers someone will get an extra £2000 in-game.


To summarize everything we have been over here i can say that it isnt even close to what is in game already. We have so many plans for the future which members of London Life only will know off, will eventually be added in thanks too our strong and devoted development team who are all on track on their road map they follow.

If you are interested in being part of the XG3N Network join us via

Discord: https://discord.gg/Y8Db8aX

TeamSpeak 3: ts.xg3n.com

Website currently WIP: http://xg3n.com/#Home

Thank you for all you’re time and hope to see some of you in the future!

XG3N J. Walker


Sounds awesome! I’ll join discord now!


Hey @everyone . I can only apologize for this server looking inactive and the development logs stopping. I and the other developers have been throwing in crazy man hours to try to produce a server that we consider to be enjoyable and “lifelike”. Here is the progress we’ve made so far but please do keep in mind most of this is still early days and some features won’t be available until we go ahead with the full release.

We recently decided to move from being a “London life” modded server over to a "US fictional"server. In doing so we’ve opened up the doors to much greater content and potentially ideas that will set this server off. The team and I have been working endlessly on creating custom clothing textures and importing a number of clothing models so that you can make your characters truly unique. We’ve decided that the conventional housing system that most servers use is not realistic enough for our players so instead we’ve started importing custom made third party properties around the map that you can own and store items in vehicles in. YES, you can own some sweet ass cribs! Players will be able to see you enjoying the high life from within your house without being able to actually enter without your consent. Lets not even get started on the number of custom vehicles added to the server and the crazy plans we have set out for them in the future. As things stand we have way over #50 addon cars available to purchase in the dealerships with plans to add at least double that. All the vehicles are accompanied by boot space and a vast majority can be customized in the modifications store. Do you ever get bored of the same old GTA v map? well look no further, we’ve started to add ambient scenarios around the map including real-time roadworks, car crashes and even hidden easter eggs! The server has had a massive visual overhaul with signs, traffic lights and every small thing like the Hollywood sign. Police checkpoints have been established on motorways and we’ve even added speed cameras to catch you offenders off guard when you’re doing x2 over the limit. It’s crazy the amount of work, love, and passion that’s gone into the server over the last month or so and honestly it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. We would love for you to come to check it out and give us your feedback.
We are currently in a bug testing stage and would love players to come to test the server and show us what you would like added or amended. Recommendations are welcomed and lets not forget guys this is a server created by us for you :heart:

If you would like to become a bug tester please notify us in the general chat area :slight_smile:

Widow out!