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Who are we? We are a tightly knit role-play Xen RolePlay.
Though we follow Department Of City (XEN) rules, we already have people from all around the globe playing! We love to have people from different countries as it makes the whole experience that much better.

Due to a lack of numbers in our government jobs sector, our doors are now open to public hiring!
Looking for highly skilled police and emergency officers with great role play skills and talent!

If you are interested in applying for any government based jobs! (EMS/POLICE) Contact with us.

We have over 12 Custom Jobs everyone can do.
Obliviontek RP is running on a heavily edited version of the framework “ESX” and we also have realistic pricing of cars, food, job earnings and try to match it as close to real life as possible.

We also have a custom car library of over 80+ Vehicles!
We allow all new members to request one custom car that they would like to see on the server.

Hope to see you there!
Our Details:-
ServerIP : if you didn’t find us with ip write Xen RolePlay
Join our discord @ https://discord.gg/CtRBsyd5


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