Would love to start a new community or have a good idea just need help


we wanna have a street racing ring and have the cops shut it down and all that? and ideas on a server that would be intrested in cooperating in it? or would allow us to do this.? ever server wants to kick us everytime we try to get something going. and the whole servers is intrested.


Why couldn’t you RP this on any server?


I have never been on a server that wouldnt allow it, just some of the cops dont like that kinda thing (idk why). If you find a server with nice LEO’s this would work, I know my cops would definitely RP that.


what server are you on?


Midlands Roleplay , it’s new so it isn’t very active YET but the people are great they accept nearly all Roleplay and it’s great fun


ok cool thanks man.


If ya want a link the discord is https://discord.gg/85jTHdZ


Yeah man there’s a lot of ego when it comes to this RP stuff I find throughout the old days of RP. This is the exact reason I stopped all together, don’t get me wrong I am extremely happy it’s coming back, but all the red flags are all coming back up with it. It should be about the fun and love of RP, not about why someone should get kicked. lmao

Are they hacking? Yes. Kick them

Are they racist? Yes Kick them.

Are they harassing/griefing other players? Kick.

No? Welcome them in with warm embrace. Not flat out ignore and ostracize them. Any form of RP should be welcomed, whether if they’re good at it or not. I love it so much, but sometimes they take it way too far.


This man speaks the truth.