[WIP][Tool] yMap Mover


Hey guys, I recently made a tool for myself for my FiveM Server to move yMaps and obn files based on coordinates, as I didn’t want to have to install Single Player mods to be able to edit this stuff. So many maps are located in the same place so I needed to fix this. So I quickly whipped up this tool. Just wondering if this is something other people would be interested in? It’s pretty basic in it’s current form, but there is an interest I would be willing to put more work into it, such as background processing and batch file processing.

The way it works if you attach either an decrypted ymap (.xml format, I personally use Metatools to do it) or a decrypted ybn model (which can be done in OpenIV) you then load it into the program, specify how far you want to move it, tell it whether it’s a negative or a positive move you want to make and hit start. It’ll run through the file and save the changes automatically (so backups are a must). Then you chuck the files back in the corresponding program to get them into the correct format and away you go.

I haven’t added rotations as I couldn’t figure out where in the files rotations are for obn’s, so I left it out for now until I can find out more. It works pretty quickly, the yMap generally completes in about 1 second and the obn’s take 2-3 seconds each (Pretty good for 1.35 million lines).

Alright thanks guys, let me know if this is something people are interested in and if so I will make a public version. Thanks.

Update: I added batch processing, a map I wanted to do had A LOT of OBN’s.


I would be interested in this.



I have also added the ability to convert JSON map files to XML which with OpenIV can be turned into a yMap and you can convert the same JSON files to XML and convert in OpenIV to YTYP.


Hey, good job :smiley: Can you share it or no? ^^


Hello Smallo nice script can i please the Script i serarch so long please you are good.


I will release the tool soon, just have a few final things to fix up with it to make it usable for the public. I will release it with the source code.


Hi, Looks really nice and helpfull!
Looking forward to the release!


Do you know when you are going to release this program? I am really interested in this! Anyway, will keep an eye on this thread!


I think I saw it released on lcpdfr or on gta5mods not too long ago. I forget which.


Can you maybe post a link or something? Cant find it on either of those…


Sorry, this is actually where I saw it: http://gtaforums.com/topic/903221-tool-ymap-mover/ But it doesn’t have a download link :confused:


Sorry guys I got distracted by developing my server. I’ll see if I can clean it up today and get it uploaded.


The file is currently under approval on gta5mods, I will create a new thread under releases once it has been approved.


It’s released. [Dev Tool] yMap Tools