[WIP/Preview] CAD / MDT System - Web Based - Coded from Ground Up!



First off, Welcome to the first preview of my new CAD / MDT system.

A little background on where and why I started this project: The system is inspired by Department Of Justice’s CAD System, as I absolutely love the simplicity and just the overall idea of it. Obviously, this system will be no where near as ‘good’ as the actual DOJ CAD , MDT system, as this is my first bigger project of this sort, so there will be bugs, issues, etc but as time goes on… it’ll all get sorted out :slight_smile:

Side Note: This CAD is meant for more populated servers. You need to supply a decent amount of resources such as a Database, and such to operate this CAD. I do NOT suggest running this on the same server as your server. You can get a $10 server which should be able to handle this fine.

This system is fully customizable meaning you can easily edit almost any part of it.

The overall base that will be released is setup in the following structure.
User level - 0 - Users who just sign up for an account, will need to be verified by someone who has the User level for a Admin which can verify and grant access to people.
User level - 1 - This is the only Civilian type user level. This is the only user level that anybody classed as a Civilian should get as this only provides access to the Civilian Panel…
User level - 2 - This is the most basic level, usually given to ‘cadets’ or a ‘trainee’. This rank gives very little access, but does provide what is needed for training and such.
User level - 3 - Usually given to regular cops / fire, ems… This provides access to the Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services Panels in the CAD. With this rank, they have limited access for security reasons, but can still access anything needed for general duty.
User level - 4 - This is what is classed for Dispatchers. This is the only User level that dispatchers should have (unless admin). This provides complete control to the Dispatch Panel. (Should only be given to trusted members as this does have some effect on the database).
User level - 5 - Generally given to ‘Command’ of law enforcement, this rank can edit user level 3’s rank, and suspend them from the panel. Command Panel only has key things needed such as Suspend a user for X time, and Change user rank.
User level - 6 - This is the first ‘admin’ type level, this user level can only Accept a user, and Suspend them Globally.
User level - 7 - This is what some may consider the ‘SuperAdmin’ role, this rank can do pretty much everything in the panel, such as Ban somebody, remove a user, edit another person’s data (vehicles, etc).
User level - 8 - This rank should never be assigned to anybody besides the owner / who set up the panel. This rank can add / remove SuperAdmin’s, and edit database information.

This panel is still a major WIP meaning the release date is unknown still.

Screenshots will be posted below as progress goes along. (I am open to suggestions.)
Remember, I am not big on the whole design thing, I like simplistic.



Create Character:

Create Vehicle:


Admin User Management:

More screenshots will be uploaded as time goes on :slight_smile: I am open to suggestions on changing things, etc!


will this cost money or will it be free to the public


If it costs money then this will immediately be taken down since making money off of anything fivem related is against the policies.


if this is the same guy I talked to before he was going to charge $30.00


Looks great, keep it up :slight_smile:


No, This is completely free.



Looks extremely well, and has the UI that is friendly to the users. Great job. Looking forward for the final product.


Thank you bro :smile: the whole UI thing is what I am honestly aiming for.


Is there a estimated time for a public release?


Currently No. But I am working very hard to try and get a Beta out


Hey man This is great can we speak some time i would like to be a beta tester for this i own a five m server and this would enhance are rp



Would you be willing to let me to beta test it


Dude this could probably replace dcrs
I’m wondering what the report writing and citation as well as cad panel looks like beyond the selection screen will look like.


@It_s_CAM Beta testers are not being accepted atm.
@Wolfstrike Yeah thats all in-progress atm, I’ll probably be pushing out an update some time Saturday with new screenshots :slight_smile:


Thx For responding

Edwin S


were can I download it from


It’s not available as of yet. As the title states it’s still a “WIP” and just the “PREVIEW” of the system at this time.


would It go on a website?


@Black_Shadows You would have to upload it to a place that could run a website.


Sorry for inactivity, I broke my hand, but no fear, I am still doing development just at a slower pace.