[WIP] Map Making/Converting for FiveM || Read Before Asking


Hello, Here YOU will send me links from Gta5 Mods.
or any other forums with maps, and i have Fun Converting them.

if you would like a CUSTOM Map PM on FiveM and tell me what you would like and i will try to make it, if i cannot make it i will tell you.

Before you send me 50 links make sure to read this before doing anything:

  • Must Credit Me somewhere and the original creator
  • Must not send more then 5 Maps
  • If you would like a custom map you must not ask for other maps for me to convert
  • No ADD-ON Maps

If you would like to help me out converting them you can join my Discord
and if you want anything Custom make sure to also join my discord so i can keep you updated send you a video or photos.

At the END i will create a pack with everything.

I think i have said everything for any help like i said join my Discord or comment down below and i will be happy to help you Bye.


So basically doing easy work, most likely using other peoples programs and such, for publicity?


Its maybe easy work but its helping servers out. Also if you can see the title it says Making that because i make maps so i make what they want and done.


Nice that you want to help people out, but:

Must Credit Me somewhere

That is kinda sad, because the only thing you have to do is put it in 1 program, ez, done.
What should be better make another tutorial on how to do it.


Vice city please :slight_smile:


hahahhaah very funny


What is funny? I just request something… or can you only place props and “convert” xml to ymap?