[WIP] CorruptSnail - A new zombie gamemode [v1.2.1]

dead script or halloween holiday?

where i change zombie skins and the spawn location?

Nah I started working on it again recently. Right now I’m in the process of rewriting it in Lua.

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See above, the new version will come with more/easier configuration possibilities, including these you mentioned.

thank you very much ! if you need beta tester write me :wink:

when you will upload the new version? and can i add you on discord? because i need help

How is the rewrite going?

Can we get an update please?

Update Please

So when is the next update?

Why rewrite the mod in lua instead of pushing updates to this one ?

The update will become available when its done.

using Lua makes it easy for other people to contribute to the project or make custom changes, since there is only a small group of people who use C#

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I want to say thanks to Scammer for another great WIP gamemode. I’m using the LUA rewrite, and when I kill a zombie it despawns before the body can hit the ground. It just kind of hurts the immersion a little. Is there a way to adjust that despawn time? Thanks

Scammer is there any way to add more models as zombies, instead of it being just the one model.

I need help please.
I installed my server and tryied RottenV. It’s worked. Ok
Now, i want to install Corrupt for try.

So i downloaded the files (__resource, corrruptsnails.net.dll, menu and server.lu)

There is 4 files so.

I made it into my gamemode folder and a folder named survival

I installed fivem-universal-menu.

And when i start the server, run “start fivem-universal-menu” then “start survival”.

All start, but the gamemode is like empty. Nothing in game, i can play in free mode only.

What’s the problem please ?

And other question :
When the gamemode will work. How can i customize it with the source ?

Any initial work done on Server siding the zombies in the rewrite branch?

Hello guy’s !

Sorry to disturbed you, I’m new here.
I’m french and with my friends we just buy a Fivem server…

I come to you, because we need some help. Indeed, I try to follow all the instructions but the launcher told me " couldn’t load ressource ".

I would like to know what is the best way to instal the mod in my server… I’m so lost haha

Thank you very much.
Best regards.


Has everyone given up on this? Ive installed everything properly. All resources load according to server cmd when i launch it… Menu works in game but cant spawn anything… no zombies at all?

Try to add some other mod. I’ve try one time and it was more funny with other Zombies Mods