[WIP] CorruptSnail - A new zombie gamemode [v1.2.1]


dead script or halloween holiday?


where i change zombie skins and the spawn location?


Nah I started working on it again recently. Right now Iā€™m in the process of rewriting it in Lua.


See above, the new version will come with more/easier configuration possibilities, including these you mentioned.


thank you very much ! if you need beta tester write me :wink:


when you will upload the new version? and can i add you on discord? because i need help


How is the rewrite going?


Can we get an update please?


Update Please


So when is the next update?


Why rewrite the mod in lua instead of pushing updates to this one ?


The update will become available when its done.


using Lua makes it easy for other people to contribute to the project or make custom changes, since there is only a small group of people who use C#