[WIP] Battlegrounds Gamemode // Not Released


Gamemode: FiveM Unknowns: Battlegrounds (I’m not good with names :stuck_out_tongue: )

Description: Everyone spawns in a plane, they then have to parachute down to los santos island. They then have to loot weapons. An area will enclose to a specific area, so they have to get there before the zone encloses on them.

Language: Lua

Author: Scotty

Features (Under Development)

Groups: A permission system is being used, admins can be configured.

Start Timer: When the amount of players needed to start the gamemode are reached (configureable) the timer starts for the game to start.


This may help you:


Are you going to work with C# or LUA?


Lua, this is the only thing I use on fivem :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


@Scott_UK when will this be released


Probably never, I have a modified version of: [BROKE] Battle Royale V - gamemode / alpha version - DO NOT WORK WITH FXSERVER

So there is no point now.


Aww I really wish you would. This seems like an amazing project. I wish you could finish the project.


I might look into it, it is unlikely though.


Well I hope you do because I will love to be one of the first people to try it. Plus I know I would not be the only one wanting this


Whitelist system is deciding not to work, I am trying my best to fix.


okay cool hopefully you get it fixed soon


If need helps with portuguese translation, i’m here!