Will people like to see ESX Cad?


Cad, MDT in game.
System to check vehicle plate live when a police car see it and check if its stolen or reported.
Will the community like to see something like that?


No, every guy here is doing that


what u mean? no one has made an in-game cad


If you are gonna do it - dont fucking do ESX


XD Why not. I’m doing it with my friend and he have vRP.
I meant in game MDt.
He can see Available mode and change it so the dispatch will see it. Dispatch can set the way point for the cop.
Plus a Police License Plate Reader. The reader can detect if the vehicle is stolen or reported.
The dispatch can see the map with all the cops that have a tracker on them.
So if someone kidnap a cop they can take the tracker from them.
And couple more cool futures.
BTW I know my English is horrible.


Tbh it would be great to see something like that threw PD with ESX being able to walk into Missionrow and go to the computer run someones name or the plate of a car ect… in game without having to run a external website they have to connect to and everything,


The CAD is an external program. The MDT Is in game…