Will FiveM Work On Windows 7?


Hello i was wondering will FiveM work on Windows 7 because i read online that it don’t support Windows 7 if this is true why ??


Yes FiveM works on Windows 7. I have a friend that still uses windows 7 lol.


oh well how did he get it working because i have windows 7 and its not working im getting errors i had it working before when i had windows 10 but now its just dont work


Why would you go back to 7? i mean… 7 is supported but any errors you are getting could be caused by several different things like not having the 500 updates it needs.


Honestly, I would go back to using Windows 10 if you previously had it installed.


yea im not gonna go back i had lots of bugs with windows 10


if there was that many bugs its user error… sorry to say.

either way, it looks like you got issues with 7 even more then 10 :wink:


Windows 7 will work fine. However, you will run into compatibility issues, like with the new mumble voice chat in testing.


Teamspeak ftw mumble is sooo 2015 lol.


Quit reviving threads damn it.


Why 7 its very laggy for my brother


even though its in the support list there is things in windows that do not function the same as 8.1 and 10 that will make it less stable.

Which is why 8.1/10 is recommended.


I had a friend with 8.1 and it wouldnt work at all. He had to upgrade to 10 :confused:


Then he had other problems preventing it from working, it works fine on 8.1