Will Changing fiveM siren this way trigger a ban?


hey boys can one of the admins or people know if changing the siren the way you have to install it for it to work and using that program to re encrypt your file Basically whats shown in the video

Will it trigger a ban ? i used it to install aussie sirens on the five M server i play on every thing works fine for over 48 hours but my other mates want to also install it but worried it will trigger a ban… i did read on here on how you had to change the sirens to get it to work but i don’t know if its allowed or not… the sirens are done client side…


No this wont trigger a ban as it is changing the files in your main gta five audio files.

The bans will only trigger if a hack or cheat is injected into the fiveM files. I have changed my sirens and gun sounds multiple times.