Wildcard RP | New server | Need Police/EMS/Devs/Good RPers in general



Hi Guys,

I and 2 other friends have started a server that we’ve been developing for about a month, we have worked tirelessly to create a server that is the base of what we want. We are looking to build a community of Serious Roleplayers and have fun most of all. If you would like to join or check it out it is WildCard RP on the server list. Message me for more info!


Do you have a Discord server/Teamspeak?


@ChristopherM Their Discord server is linked on their website at http://wildcardrp.com/


Thanks, we’re did you get that link from?


I’m currently part of the community so I know the website


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I am the lead developer currently working on some projects for the server. If any devs wanna come help out that would be amazing. Check us out @ http://wildcardrp.com . The server is being developed in lua (for the most part). The website theme was completely redesigned by one of our devs name Wortex. Like said before, any help would be apprieciated.