Why no guns in cop holsters?


Anyone know what causes this? I have some custom uniforms that have a gun in the holster, but most of them do not. Is it the way the model was made? All of our police peds are replacements.


Yes, it is the way the model was made or it is the accessories that are attached to it. If they are custom ped models you should probably be asking the creator of them why they don’t have a gun.


Yea there is a gun in the .ytd, but not spawning in with it. Just hoped there was something I was missing.


Did you try changing to a different component? Trainers should have that option.


No trainer on our public RP server


Look at their source code and replicate it within your source code.


What source code? There isn’t any for .ytd files. All it is is a collection of .dds Unless there is something in a .meta. only source code I know of. I’m used to dealing with vehicles, not so much peds lol


The GTA5 Natives for changing ped components, similarly to how a vehicle can have multiple different bumpers and u have to choose which one is active.


I assume you mean the ped.meta and streaming it in a data file.


Maybe you can set the default in there but that wasn’t what I was talking about.

Lets say a vehicle has 5 bumpers and it spawns with its stock bumper. To change to a different bumper, which is specific for that vehicle, you need to use a GTA5 native function.

Peds work in the exact same way with their different components.

If the model you are talking about has these extra addons you just need to change it via the correct native. Instead of creating your own system I’d recommend you just use a server side trainer that supports custom models.


We don’t want everyone on the server having a trainer causing mass chaos. I am familiar with trainers from lspdfr. But in our case we want only police to have that function, but not all functions of an admin. So trainer isn’t a valid option. Peds do have the p.ytd which contains Hats, glasses etc. And that works in our cloak room. But the gun is actually drawn on the belt in the cop.ytd and should be rendered with the belt since it is in the same drawing. The purpose of my thread was to get help and maytbe help others that have the same issue. I see it alot on other servers as well. Not sure it may be a fivem thing, as the same ped spawns with weapon in holster as defualt in single player gta. Without use of trainer or having to select a weapon.


My Server side trainer supports creating multiple different permissions, admin is just the basic example.

So you are saying that a specific part of the model isn’t loading when it should? It’d be easier to help if i could view the model.

I’m confused by what you mean here. How would u change to the ped in single player GTA without a trainer/skin changer? Also, if you mean the game spawns them then it could be that the game spawns them with a specific setup and the one you are spawning with is the one for once they’ve drawn their weapon.


Well I meant in single player lspdfr. All belts render a gun in the holster as it is part of the belt models in the .ytd file. You never have to select gun in holster or empty holster. The belt and items on it including the holster and gun in holster are all one .dds drawing


This is one example of the uniforms we are using here http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11307-wip-enhanced-lspd-cop/ This pack also does have an option for ranks on sleeves and leg holster. But our wardrobe is only letting is only letting us change the standard things like face, head, hats glasses and long sleeve or short sleeve and vest or no vests. But that isn’t my main concern. I would just like a gun rendered in the holster for starter. lol

Also can your trainer be modified to only only certain functions. We don’t want all cops to have admin only functions. I am no .lua coder by any means, but if so maybe we can make that work.


Just installed and tested that model and as I expected it has a texture with and without a gun(See Images below)

Without(Drawable #1) http://puu.sh/xAXQY/dcf6bcf688.jpg
With (Drawable #2) http://puu.sh/xAXS2/a0bc0473e7.jpg

The trainer can be modified yes, it just requires some experience/reading. Some of it requires LUA programming knowledge which is something you or someone on your team should have being a server owner.


That is the strangest thing, as I look at the drawables with openiv and it shows a gun in every belt option.But I think I found the problem now. If I could just edit out the empty holster version.