Why is this happening


When i start the server on windows 2016 server i’m getting this error…
Right now i’m using the last version of the server and resources files but still this is what happening any idea why?


Make sure you completely replace (not overwriting, delete all everything and copy it back in) the artifacts folder. Also make sure you have closed all instances of the server.


Just found why is this happening, if you have more than one server opened at the same time in the server you are getting this error … i think this is a bug i was able to open 2 servers before in my dedicated server but after the last updated i can’t so…


Having 2 server open should not be the issue. The new artifacts added the “ResultAsLong” function into the Lua files of the artifact. When you run the latest artifacts but the old version of the Lua, it will complain that “ResultAsLong” doesn’t exist.

Normally you would replace the Lua file, but for some reason the new Lua didn’t get overwrite the old ones. Probably because the Lua file was in use by a server or something like that.


Anyway just found how this works…

If you have one server at the last version and another ( with different files ) in another version lets just say i have 1.0 and the second in 0.9.9

So only one of the server will open others will just get the error all the servers need to be upgraded to the last version as i can see