Why is the stream size limit still set to 16 MB


I have a private server with my friends, and we would like to play with the awesome, highly detailed cars such as this awesome car: https://sv.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lamborghini-reventon

This car has 3 files that is bigger than 16 MB and can therefor not be used without compressing the files, which makes the quality lower. I understand the reason that most people has a slower connection, but I don’t think it’s fair that people that has a better connection as punished for it.


From the Discord regarding the “16MB limit”

[11:26 AM] lanthanum: on-disk file can't be >16mb
[11:26 AM] lanthanum: you can split them though using vehshare/gtxd/...


Could you send more information about this? Can’t find any online. Kind of new to this.


Tjena KejjRod. Vanheden här.


Trevligt! Vet du hur man gör det då? :joy:


Det går inte. Du får resiza texter i fordonet så det blir 16 mb aka edita färg etc.


Please use english on the forums, thanks.


It was just that the first guy quoted a message from the fivem discord server which said that you could split the file. Don’t know if it’s possible though…